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it took a while.

-my new home.¬† come visit. ūüôā






so i exceeded my worpress quota. in 3 months.

i’m no quitter. i’ll be updating shortly with¬†a new blog address.

in case you choose to follow.





-Faultline track.¬† worth every try, please (do scroll among the tracks until you hit the ‘grey sunshine’):




header image on the courtesy of A ‚̧



the first week’s wreck

and my polka shirt.








the journey. track 01. 

i`m looking for a job;

 currently, that and running after papers, stamps and agreements, to legally settle in this place. never thought college implied so much free time.

 officially, today is the start of good things:


  • ¬† i got connected

  • ¬†printed out the last coffee serie

  • ¬†started to work on the first movie for uni.


¬†it’s looking up. but don’t tell anyone. ūüôā

-cyberpat on the shoulder. C.